Stalker Theatre’s participative and installation performance is in continuous evolution and is accompanied by live music. Its title is a tribute to the celebrated Shakespearian character featured in The Tempest. The community, i.e. the festival’s participants, takes centre stage, the centrepoint of a magical amusement park, transforming into a work of art. A creative and interactive work whose strong visual and musical impact is aimed at the public for a collective, immersive and captivating experience. A bridge between visual arts and performance art in which “Prospero” is the architect of his own history, like an artist who creates, together with his viewers, in the world of words and imagination, shaping and creating materials.

By Teatro di Roma


Stalker Theatre
The artistic group Stalker Theatre has been working together since 1975, since the foundation of the Political Collective at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Turin, in the cultural and political turmoil created by the events of 1968. This has had a great effect on its work, which is characterised by artistic experimentation in socially sensitive and stimulating situations. Appearing often in Italy and abroad at festivals, in theatres, universities and contemporary art museums, they have worked with, among others, Michelangelo Pistoletto.