A multi-ethnic, modern and powerful orchestra conducted by Pino Pecorelli, formed by young musicians between 17 and 20 years old, established in 2012 from a unique experience of its kind: putting together girls and boys with roots in different countries of the world, second generations, asylum seekers, children of mixed couples whose parents come from 14 different countries of the world (Italy, Poland, Egypt, Senegal, Eritrea, Tunisia, Nigeria, Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, Philippines, Bangladesh, China, Guatemala) for a one and only great orchestra of “new Italians” with the sole objective of making music and looking for its own sound.
A permanent breeding ground to give a sound to this city and to a constantly changing reality, the daughter of cross-breeding and the encounter between cultures: an urban and contemporary sound that moves between the rhythm of hip-hop, the accents of the drum’n ‘bass, the flow of reggae, the energy of funk and the lightness of pop music and that in a few years of life has attracted the attention of the national press, and has been able to collaborate with national and international artists including Mika, the Piazza Vittorio Orchestra, Danno dei Colle der fomento, Mama Marjas, Francesco di Bella, Pinomarino, and institutional bodies (from Mibac to Miur) and social entities (including FAO, UNHCR, Save the Children, Intersos) for its music value and the ability to speak to the society.

Curated by azienda speciale Palaexpo