It recalls a shooting star designed by a child and magically landed on the bank of the Tiber, the luminous, impalpable and monumental sculpture, made by one of the most innovative creative realities in Hungary today, Koros Design, which draws inspiration for his artistic elaboration directly from scientific research studies.
The light has been studied throughout the history of humanity without science being able to give a definitive answer on what its appearance is. According to the modern theory of photons, light is not just a set of waves but is also composed of elementary particles. Photon is one of these, made giant for us spectators by an ingenious geometric structure, consisting of live tubular elements that support each other, in a state of equilibrium of conflicting forces. A luminous sculpture, which seems to float as elusive as the plastic experiments of our futurists, a synthesis of dream vision and technique for a pulsating restitution of nature in motion. A magical installation that, thanks to the lighting design created by the artist Viktor Vicsek, shines with iridescent light like the laughing star of the Little Prince.

Curated by Speciale Palaexpo with the collaboration of Flyer Communication and the support of the Accademia d’Ungheria in Roma