The staged theatre of Stalker Teatro animates the Festa di Roma with an interactive performance of powerful visual impact that has been around the world.
Spectators are invited to create a large sculpture with coloured plastic tubes, the only requirement to participate: curiosity.
STELI is an urban intervention that is part of the performance of the Reactions cycle, a large experimental project that investigates the relationship between visual arts and theatre. The show constitutes a point of arrival in the company’s poetics, professionally active for forty years in the field of education and theatrical experimentation.
A visionary live show, which stands as a bridge between visual art and performing art. In fact, starting from the idea of “living” the places of everyday life, the performers create an original dramaturgy of the environment through the “live” realization of some extraordinary stage constructions. The spectators are thus caught up in a sort of happening, a unique and unrepeatable event that blends the elements of artistic creation and collective play, community ritual and feast.
Curated by Teatro di Roma