The Orchestra Popolare Italiana of the Auditorium Parco della Musica conducted by Maestro Ambrogio Sparagna dedicates a celebration day to the new year, singing and dancing together with the passionate public who is invited to show up a bit before the start of the parade to receive the indications of the maestro.
On stage many musicians and singers in a rich repertoire of stornellate and dances of the Italian popular tradition: gighe, saltarelli, ballarelle, pizziche, tammurriate, tarantelle, with particular attention to the repertoires of the provinces of Lazio and Rome.
At the centre of the scene Sparagna, sustained by the great energy of the musicians of the Orchestra, gives life to the party show that manages to animate the square, makes it jump to the swirling rhythm of our popular dances, including organs, guitars, ciaramelle and tambourines.
Curated by Fondazione Musica per Roma