Festa di Roma opens with a light show, projections and live music, dedicated to Planet Earth, featuring video contributions by Officine_K, Armand Dijcks: Elemental and Space Cinemagraphs.

A creation with a light show, projections and live music, dedicated to Planet Earth

Focusing on the strange and wonderful experience of seeing yourself from the outside and from a long way away, the “overview effect” of Earth, Armand Dijcks’ video project “Space Cinemagraphs” develops the photographic images taken by Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, during his time aboard the International Space Station. The artist has transformed André’s images into a slow-motion video, to give viewers a realistic and vivid sensation of the Earth in movement, as seen from space. With members of the public taking up the ideal position of astronauts in orbit, they are invited to remember where they are and to commit to taking care of their fragile home. A reversal of perspective to reflect on existence, while dreaming of flying in space.

ELEMENTAL | Armand Dijcks and Ray Collins
High-definition projections of ocean waves, tens of metres high

A hypnotic and exhilarating visual experience, that signposts one of the festival’s entrances, the one dedicated to the Earth’s waters, and that turns its spectators into explorers into Jules Verne, discovering what lies beneath the sea. In Elemental, the spectacular images of the ocean waves taken by renowned Australian photographer Ray Collins, have been transformed by Armand Dijcks into mesmerising and thrilling cinematography; a slow-motion video that recreates the waves’ continuous, relaxing movement, without beginning or end. It will be impossible to take your eyes off it!
The video productions created by Armand Dijcks go beyond the confines of virtual storytelling, marrying traditional ‘still’ photography to cinematographic movement, to create a new, hybrid virtual experience. Combining time-lapse photography, traditional photographs and film, his work plays with the elements of time, to depict its subjects in an innovative and surprising way. His visual creations are conceived to be projected onto high-resolution screens and to offer the spectator a totally immersive and hypnotic experience.
His work has been shown all over the world, in internationally renowned art spaces, sometimes adapting to different formats, like installations, TV, cinema and live performance.

Azienda Speciale Palaexpo


Armand Dijcks pushes at the boundaries of visual storytelling, bringing together traditional still photography and films to create new hybrid visual experiences.
In his work, adapting himself from time to time to various formats, such as installation, TV, cinema and live performance, he combines photographic images, time-lapse photography and video, playing with time to show his subjects in ever-new ways. His work has been shown all over the world, in internationally renowned museum spaces.