Is a travelling interactive audio-video installation. The spectator is to enter into the projected images and to shape their visual rendering. The subject mentioned in the projection is a person struggling with solitude in its most current meaning: a solitude made up of devices, expectations, disillusionment and silence. To work. To eat. To sleep. Do and do and do again. In a repetition that slowly gets lost in the déjà vu and turns into imagination: something magical, something that breaks down and becomes something else.
Through the direct use of our infrared sensor Leap Motion and several Midi Controllers, people become part of the creative process, deconstructing the projected image according to their visual and auditory sensations. Thanks to the movement of the hands it will be possible to edit and generate video and sound in real time, having the opportunity to live a unique visual and sound experience.
The story then passes the witness to the observer who, experimenting and playing with the software, moves the image and discovers new declinations of the video projected in front of him. This installation comes from the concept of ONNFrame, live audio video performance that debuted in September 2018 at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni during the Live Cinema Festival.
The FLxER Team was founded in 2001 around the development of FLxER software, born from the idea of being able to use a computer to create a live video performance, similar to what has been happening for some time for the production / use of electronic music. Since none of the “consumer” video software on the market allowed to perform in real time, the solution was to design and develop an application that solved this problem. Specifically, this performance project involves Gianluca Del Gobbo (Project Manager), Gabor Kitzinger (Designer, Software Developer), Emanuele Tarducci (Designer, Interaction Developer) Elisa Antonacci (Visual Artist).
Ipologica is an artistic group founded in Rome in 2006 and linked to the world of electronic music, which deals with music production in various fields such as sound design, live performance, DJ sets and sound multimedia installations. The faces and minds of Ipologica are: Fabio Sestilli, Giulio Maresca, Valentina Mignogna.

Organized by the Azienda Speciale Palaexpo with the collaboration of Flyer Communication