Parade of Les Interventions Mobiles, the very foundation of the history of the company Les Commandos Percu: to be a group of pyromusicians able to move in the public space whatever its configuration. The goal is clear: to meet the public, to abolish the scene, to consider the whole space as a space for creation. Moving percussion, fire, lights, movement: energy in its pure state.
Les Commandos Percu take up the challenge of investing in public space, any space: urban, industrial, natural. For over twenty years the company has invented a new and ancestral language that wants to speak to all cultures and all kinds. It has toured the festivals of the whole world with its percussion with the unpublished rhythms and its pyrotechnic savoir-faire. The essential spark to the fusion of music and fire is movement, street after street, square by square, among the audience.
Curated by Teatro di Roma