A tragicomic-romantic air duo where history is tinged with romantic nuances.
The acrobats are ready to climb everything: walls, towers, churches. And then a grand finale: an extraordinary acrobatic dance duo in suspension 10 meters above the ground, barkers of the best street tradition with irony, skill, precision.
LES AMANTS DU CIEL is a contemporary circus show where acrobatic actors use the techniques of dance and theatre as well as those of the contemporary circus. The show is winner of the 3rd OFF Mimos 2016 Award (FR).
The audience, looking at the sky, follows the daring and prodigious flight of this couple of lovers, a flight where, as in love, we find ourselves faced with descents and daring ascents. Climbing, acrobatics, street theatre, circus and the poetics of the non-ordinary are some of the main ingredients. With distant echoes to the suspended visions of Chagall, the flying company Mattatoio Sospeso rises from the ground to fly over houses, towers and castles. Suspension, being suspended is the non-place where gravity is cancelled.
Curated by Teatro di Roma