A journey through the voice of migrants to let the public know the richness of Latin American culture.
The Laurentina Library is filled with music, dances, cuisine, workshops and meetings dedicated to children and adults.
“Los Reyes Magos … caminan en la noche”: workshop for children aged 6 to 10 (max 15 children). Children will play together to create the stocking of the Three Wise Men, children are entertained by 2 operators and each will bring with him a sock to hang waiting for the night of 6th January; “LatinoAmerica Cultura y Fe”: Latin American culture is famous for its syncretic relationship between culture and religion. The meeting tells, through the voices of the migrants, three sacred figures of the Latin American culture: El Senor de Los Milagros (Peru), Nossa Senhora Aparecida (Brazil), Virgen de Copacabana (Bolivia). During the meeting the sacred statues, kept in the Cappellania di Santa Maria della Luce; “Jolgorio de Cajones” will be exhibited celebrating under the full moon after a day of work in the fields; Afro-Peruvian workshop of artistic contaminations, edited by Fernando Delgado and Robinson Moreno, Afro-Peruvian percussionists; ” In cammino… racconta “; gastronomic space dedicated to the meeting of the Latin American chefs of ” In cammino… catering migrante”. During the preparation of a Latin American recipe, a chef tells his migratory story to Italy and his future expectations.
In the afternoon also from Piazza dell’Emporio to via Petroselli a series of shows: Afro-Peruvian music and dances by Fernando Delgado and Robinson Moreno; the percussion, oudh and voices concert of Rashmi Bhatt and Saleh Tawil; the percussion, sitar and voice concert of Rashmi Bhatt and Sagheer Khan; the traveling concert of Coro CoroIncanto, female voices without borders with songs from all over the world; four performances of Persian dances by Elnaz Yousefi; the show of the traditional dance group organized by the Associazione Donne Panafricane nella Diaspora; concert of the Coro degli Angeli Universitari with dance and gospel music.

Organized by the Libraries of Rome