A balloon, a white sphere like the moon rises in the sky and an acrobatic fairy twirls on the spectators, all with their noses upwards to admire the acrobatic choreography in the sky.
The moon is accompanied by its guardian: the moon fairy, who dances, moves down to touch the spectators’ hands and then goes up, walks away, greets, turns around. In a play of changing colours, the acrobat sparkles in the dark, moving sinuously over the heads of the spectators; a point of light, now violet now white, which oscillates in the black sky.
This is the show that the Compagnia dei Folli proposes for the Festa di Roma: LA LUNA BIANCA, a dreamlike dimension where everything can happen, there are no more rules, we fly, we daydream to be bewitched with timeless stories and legends, with daring dances and aerial acrobatics.
Curated by Teatro di Roma