Program from December 31st:

Kitonb is a creative studio born from the dream of bringing art beyond its borders, it is a laboratory of extreme creativity, an ever evolving projects.
Over the last twenty years, thanks to the strength of its Italian character and a power emotional charge Kitonb has built his success internationally with its unique shows that have thrilled millions of people around the world.
A constant feature in the work of Kitonb is the distortion of the scene: the landscape and the environment, both urban and suburban, are the natural stage of Kitonb’s performances. A perfect setting for an all-encompassing experience that ideally combines the social ritual of the Greek theatre with Land Art, which connects the most advanced technologies to the common roots of the show.
The viewer is taken beyond the classical two-dimensional vision of a theatre stage, and is absorbed by the totality of the representation, where even the sky acts as a stage, conveying a feeling of freedom of movement without obligations and boundaries.
Artificio italiano Srl is a creative production company, which has been running the Kitonb brand since 2017, under the artistic direction of Angelo Bonello.

A light show of the great Rome-based company of urban aerial theatre that boasts well-deserved international successes and that comes back to perform in his city after more than 10 years.

10.00 pm ODE ALLA LUNA
A tribute to the fiftieth anniversary of the journey of the man on the moon, a performance-installation that involves the entire area transforming the natural crater of Circo Massimo in the metaphor of the crater on which Armstrong and Aldrin landed. The public is welcomed and enveloped by hundreds of light beams distributed in the area. Light and music will become a single breath, a real dance, which involving the archaeological pre-existing pieces will create a connection between the past and the future. The performance will be repeated cyclically in the evening, thus becoming the leitmotif that leads us to the midnight spectacle, ancestral journey of the man to the discovery of the unknown.

A great show of urban theatre that develops between the earth and the sky, with an innovative setting in which, spectacular moving stage machines, giant flying scenographies actioned by hydraulic cranes and choreographic actions of the acrobat-dancers create a three-dimensional show that completely involves the viewer.
An off-screen voice outlines the narrative fabric of the show, the particular musical sounds of the Carillon show through the ages and cultures of the people, from electronic music to mantras, from orchestral escapes to primordial voices, in a powerful and refined soundtrack.
The sophisticated lighting design connects, in different colours, the whole work and leads the viewer through a dreamlike journey that culminates in spectacular special effects and vertiginous leaps in the void. Carillon, il volo del tempo conjugates in a new way a set of expressive languages, from dance to acrobatics, from the new circus to alpinism, from singing to acting that make it an innovative and exciting “all-around theatre” show.

Curated by Artificio italiano Srl