The show Gueule d’Ours, by the French company Remue Ménage, is a wonderful journey through time.
A horde of luminous bears moves forward accompanied by extravagant dancers and led by an evocative “master” of the ceremony on stilts. They go from city to city, travellers without frontiers, with their show on their shoulders. Thus, the bizarre and overwhelming caravan of bears and dancers invites us all to the square, where we find newsies, street vendors, acrobats and tamers ready to involve us in an unusual and enthralling dance. A graceful ballet, a unique – and unlikely – encounter with fascinating giants, bearers of dreams and amazement. Dressed in a thousand colours, the parade of these luminous “men” will welcome us and, coming to meet us, will “decorate” our walks on the path of Roman lights.
Curated by the Teatro di Roma