Floe has been created from the meeting between the circus artist Jean‐Baptiste André and the visual artist Vincent Lamouroux. Acrobatics and visual arts combine in this work. The irregular shapes of gigantic white icebergs, side-by-side and places on top of one another, become a space for an acrobatic evolution.
The extremely smooth surface of the sculpture is in perfect symphony with the virtuosity of the body, trapped between two mountains, suspended between steep, slippery walls, involved in an exploration of an unknown and changing landscape which brings to life a poetic drama that evokes a physical and metaphorical climb, our relationship with the environment, moments of happiness and fear, falls, expectations and new conquests.


By Fondazione Romaeuropa


Acrobat and visual artist
In 2002, French acrobat, Jean-Baptiste Andrè, founded Association W, a circus company with which he developed a cross-speciality artistic course which mixes disciplines and in which an open and permeable script to spontaneity finds its own space. If collaboration and exchange are at the heart of this process, then the meeting with visual artist Vincent Lamouroux is natural, given that for Floe he created gigantic white icebergs with irregular forms which from time to time are positioned differently from their pre-chosen locations. It’s in this space, designed by this installation, that Jean-Baptiste Andrè completes his acrobatic evolution.