The acclaimed Australian artist Amanda Parer will bring her huge humanoid giants into the streets with Fantastic Planet Humanoid “Down Here.

Quiet and luminous, these humanoid giants are standing still and silent, offering themselves to the spectators’ gaze as if they had just landed and were placidly exploring our planet.
As it was the case with Intrude, the worldwide success of the same artist, the particular layout of the installation follows a precise goal: each of these giants, from their height and imposing majesty, is strategically positioned to observe and, therefore, dominate the whole scene.
The installation starts from the film Fantastic Planet of 1973, where the director René Laloux imagined a distant future in which the world would be ruled by giant humanoids, threatened by the ferocity of human beings: a reflection on the damage that the unconscious use of natural resources – which are quickly depleting – could soon cause to our planet.

Curated by Teatro di Roma