On the occasion of the 2019 Festa di Roma, Virgilio Sieni and the participants in the call create a collective choreographic action that takes place in the streets of the historic centre of Rome, from the Tempietto di Ercole along the Lungotevere Aventino to the Pons Fabricius.
The event, entitled Cammino Popolare, is a journey that explores the beauty of gestures through a reflection on the personal body and the social body. Coordinated actions and movements, presented by the different groups of participants, emerge from the choir and disappear into the walking or running mass. The meaning of the project is not to build a show, but to propose a shared experience around the idea of ‘citizenship’. Children, young people, adults and the elderly, professional dancers and ordinary people become members of a single political body, aware of the past, ready to physically experience the present and to project itself towards the future.
The Cammino popolare is accompanied by the travelling bands Fanfaroma, Titubanda and the Fantomatic Orchestra of the Scuola di Musica Popolare di Testaccio and meets the Coro di Voci bianche del Teatro dell’Opera.

Organized by the Fondazione Romaeuropa