Shows made of climbing, vertical dance and acrobatics: here is the air stage where the experiments of the award-winning Cafelulé trio are staged.
Contemporary dance company founded by young dancers and performers, which makes vertical dance and video projections the real protagonists of this specific site show. The bodies create relationships and geometries with visual contents created ad hoc and projected onto the screen, which is transformed into a vertical stage on which the performance is done.
Motion graphics and choreography come together in a show of great visual impact, where technology joins the human movement creating original optical games. The vertical dance – which uses all that is vertical as a support of the movement – arises from the idea of integrating dance and space, exploring new ways of perceiving the gesture and new points of view in relation to architecture and the natural environment.
An invitation to the viewer to observe and experience the daily spaces according to a different and unusual perspective.
Curated by Teatro di Roma