In partnership with a group of around twenty people – artists, architects, photographers, performers – which has been assembled around the project that addresses urban exploration and settlements in public spaces titled ROMA NON ESISTE, DOM has co-created and co-planned a grand collective transition ritual for the first day of 2020.

31st December
Dinner + show + party + overnight camp at the Teatro di Tor Bella Monaca
A New Year’s Eve party in partnership with the Teatro di Tor Bella Monaca, with dinner, a show, a DJ set and an overnight camp where guests can sleep.

1st January
A walk from sunrise to sunset from Tor Bella Monaca to the centre of RomeAt 7 a.m. on the first day of the new year we’ll set off from the Teatro di Tor Bella Monaca for a journey that, hour after hour, kilometre after kilometre, will wind its way through the courtyards of fashionable apartment blocks, rewilded dumps, tunnels with dripping stalactites, heliports overlooking link roads, expanses of fields and palazzos, pushing on as the number of roads and buildings becomes ever greater, witnessing the transformation of the city centre, its culmination of people and parties, until night returns once again.
Each participant will be able to join in from various meeting points: the walk has meeting and discussion points within three of Rome City Council’s libraries, the Biblioteca Gianni Rodari, the Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo and the Biblioteca Goffredo Mameli, each connected with one or more reference texts, which will be discovered along the way and which will allow you to immerse yourself in the journey.

Here is the timetable for each library (times may vary on the day):
10.30 Biblioteca Gianni Rodari
12.00 Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo
14.30 Biblioteca Goffredo Mameli

Detailed information on taking part in the event will only be sent to participants once their place is booked. To make a booking, please write to:


By Biblioteche di Roma and DOM


DOM – Leonardo Delogu e Valerio Sirna
DOM- is a project created in 2013 from a collaboration between the artists Leonardo Delogu and Valerio Sirna. Its research revolves around the relationship between the body and the landscape, investigating the idea of permeability and observing how, power, nature and marginality interact in public spaces.
DOM- creates performative works, walks, gardens, texts, conferences and debates, audio-visual works, workshops, DJ sets and festivals.