The previously unseen video project from Italian collective Flxer team, created specially for this edition of the festival, will project elements of nature from the architectural depths of the Basamento Aventino. A visual warning of the presence of a nature that beats beneath the remains of the ancient city: a dowse into the natural depths on which the populated and layered landscape of the Eternal City is built. Flxer Team’s work, in collaboration with Flyer Communication, invites us to consider our impact on the planet and the need to behave in a more ecologically sustainable way.

By Azienda Speciale Palaexpo


Collective of creative artists
FLxER is a collective of creatives who have been making audio-visual works since 1999 and who produce audio-video performances, video mapping works, interactive installations, and workshops, collaborating in major international events and festivals. The collective’s name derives from the free software of the same name used to mix vector graphics, audio, video, text and interactive media, created by Gianluca Del Gobbo from Flyer and Alberto Bordonaro (VJ b_muvis) of Bluecheese, with an interface by Claudio Guerrieri (e’lab graphx) and samples from b_muvis videokrü. This led to the formation of the world’s biggest community of audio-visual performers and organisations – with more than 26,000 artists and operators who share their productions – which, in 2018, came together to work on the collective’s new project,